Gavino Paglianti

Gavino Paglianti specializes in a captivating blend of Deep House, Afro, and soulful House. With his trademark emphasis on strong percussion lines, Gavino hunts tracks from unknown artists, showcasing the hidden gems of the electronic music world.

In the niche realm of Afro, Deep, Melodic and soulful House, Gavino is a true luminary, drawing inspiration from artists like Armonica, Emanuel Satie, Ivory & Super Flu. His sets are a testament to the power of rhythm, where every beat and melody is a carefully chosen piece of a musical puzzle.

Gavino’s musical journey finds kinship with labels like MoBlack, Keinemusik, and Innervisions, all of which share his dedication to pushing the boundaries of genre.

Embark on a rhythmic adventure with Gavino Paglianti as your guide, where the power of percussion and the beauty of melody converge in perfect harmony.


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