Braketrack is an Amsterdam-based DJ and founder and curator of VM Radio, an independent cultural collective that thrives on sharing the finest electronic music, hosting intimate events, and fostering connections with local emerging artists.

Braketrack’s musical journey goes beyond the boundaries of genres. His primary aim is to select tracks that evoke deep emotions and leave a lasting impression on the listeners. 

As a DJ, he loves to fuse eclectic styles and experimental sounds to create unique and refreshing compositions. By skilfully weaving Afro, Deep and Melodic House together, he creates immersive atmospheres and captivating rhythms that transport the audience to transcendent states. Furthermore, he has a keen inclination towards Indie Dance and Soulful tracks, incorporating emotive vocals, lush instrumentation, and introspective themes into his DJ sets.

Braketrack finds inspiration in a diverse array of industry leading artists, including &ME, Aera, Avidus, Dixon, Dodi Palese, Henrik Schwarz, Ivory, Jimi Jules, Nicolas Jaar, Santiago Garcia, and Tal Fussman. These influential figures consistently ignite his creative spirit and contribute to the evolution of his musical direction.

In terms of record labels, Braketrack looks to esteemed imprints such as Innervisions, Keinemusik, and Diynamic for inspiration. These labels have earned renown for pushing artistic boundaries and curating exceptional releases, aligning seamlessly with Braketrack’s artistic vision.

Braketrack’s passion for music extends beyond his role as a DJ. He has a genuine desire to connect diverse groups of people, both through his performances and his event organization. With everything he does, he tries to create an inclusive and uplifting atmosphere, bringing people together to share moments of joy and connection.

Join Braketrack on a musical journey that transcends genres and brings together like-minded individuals. Experience the power of his meticulously selected ‘Braketracks’ as they ignite emotions, foster connections, and create unforgettable moments of unity on the dancefloor.


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