Brinkie, the ideal son-in-law, is a must-have for every party, driven by an unwavering love for vocal, melodic, and soulful sounds. With an innate ability to unearth the hottest tracks, delving deep into the record boxes to discover hidden gems that resonate with both his artistic sensibilities and the pulsating energy of the dancefloor.

As an astute explorer of music, Brinkie seamlessly combines the irresistible genres of Nudisco, Indie Dance, Afro House, and Melodic House, resulting in a truly immersive and transformative musical experience.

With a focus on atmospheric and emotive elements, Brinkie invites listeners on a remarkable journey, where the boundaries of introspection and dancefloor energy harmoniously converge. Through carefully curated tracks that evoke a sense of depth and emotion, Brinkie creates a sonic tapestry that takes the audience on a captivating odyssey of sound and feeling.

Brinkie draws profound inspiration from influential record labels such as Correspondant, Ninja Tune, Permanent Vacation, Life and Death, and Running Back. These labels, known for their commitment to pushing musical boundaries and curating exceptional soundscapes, resonate deeply with Brinkie’s artistic vision. The creative energy of artists like Echonomist, Laolu, Musumeci, and Tunnelvisions fuels Brinkie’s imagination, continually inspiring him to explore new sonic horizons and shape his unique musical direction. 

Embark on a captivating musical adventure with Brinkie as his tracks effortlessly weave beauty and joy, leaving an irresistible smile on your face.


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