Daan Autobahn

Daan Autobahn is a rising force within the realm of Melodic Techno, crafting his sonic journey inspired by key figures such as Tale Of Us, Colyn, EarthLife, and Ae:ther. Much like the Afterlife label that resonates with him, Daan’s musical artistry transcends boundaries and delves deep into the realms of emotion and atmosphere.

With an innate ability to control the ambiance to perfection, Daan Autobahn has consistently demonstrated his prowess as a maestro of sonic storytelling. He doesn’t merely play tracks; he orchestrates a narrative that leaves the audience hooked.

His sets are a masterclass in the art of tension and release. Daan knows precisely how to build anticipation, keeping the crowd engaged with every beat and synth swell. It’s in these moments of heightened emotion that he shines brightest, rewarding his listeners with thunderous basslines and euphoric melodies that send waves of energy rippling through the dancefloor.

Join Daan on a musical highway like no other, where the speed of sound is only matched by the energy of the dancefloor. Get ready to floor the gas pedal on your emotions as you embark on this journey with a DJ whose name says it all.


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