We find ourselves in the heart of winter, and what better way to embrace the chilly days than to dive into some captivating content that explores the rich tapestry of electronic music? From the emergence of dance music in underground clubs to intimate interviews with iconic artists, we’ve curated a list of documentaries and podcasts that will not only entertain but also provide insights into the diverse world of house and techno. So, grab your favourite blanket, cozy up, and let the beats take you on a journey.

1. Can You Feel It? How Dance Music Conquered the World

In this three-part documentary, witness the birth and evolution of the dance music movement. From its humble beginnings in attics and underground clubs to becoming a global phenomenon, the documentary features insights from some of the biggest names, showcasing DJs as the superstars they are.

Where to watch? NPO – Can You Feel It? (NPO Plus account needed)

2. Laurent Garnier: Off the Record

Delve into the life and experiences of iconic French techno artist Laurent Garnier. This documentary features extensive interviews with Garnier himself and testimonials from techno luminaries such as Carl Cox, Miss Kittin, and The Blessed Madonna.

Where to watch? ARTE TV – Laurent Garnier: Off the Record (VPN needed)

3. Babbelen de Podcast (Dutch only)

Join Tom Schiphorst in Babbelen de Podcast as he invites the founding fathers and current carriers of the Dutch House & Techno scene. With guests like Bart Skils, Collé, Eelke Kleijn, and Miss Melera, this podcast leaves no stone unturned.

Where to watch? YouTube – Babbelen de Podcast

4. Bakkie Bakkie Podcast (Dutch only)

Steven van Lummel and Justin Verkijk bring you Bakkie Bakkie, a podcast about the Dutch alternative electronic music industry. With high-profile guests like Antal, KI/KI, Philou Louzolo, Reinier Zonneveld & Tom Trago, this podcast covers everything from industry insights to humor.

Where to listen? Spotify – Bakkie Bakkie Podcast

5. Als Muren Konden Praten (Dutch only)

This time Justin Verkijk takes you back in time to the legendary clubs of the Netherlands in 6 episodes. From the Roxy to Club Trouw, explore the history of these iconic venues.

Where to listen? Spotify – Als Muren Konden Praten

6. 30 jaar Dutch Dance (Dutch only)

Embark on a journey through three decades of dance in the Netherlands. Key players, pioneers, successful entrepreneurs, and megastars share their stories, supported by unique archive material.

Where to watch? NPO – 30 jaar Dutch Dance

7. The Global Rise of Afro House Music

Featuring legends like Osunlade, Louie and Anané Vega, and DJ Henrik Schwarz, this 60-minute documentary traces the origins of afro house across continents, offering a global perspective on its rise.

Where to watch? DW Documentary – The Global Rise of Afro House Music

8. FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Explore the disastrous Fyre Festival, a luxury music event gone wrong, led by a self-righteous entrepreneur. If you enjoyed this, dive into the chaos of Woodstock ‘99 with “Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99.

Where to watch? Netflix – FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

9. Thunderdome Never Dies (Dutch only)

Get an intriguing insight into how high-school friends created the biggest Gabber festival ever. Discover the journey of ID&T, now one of the world’s biggest event organizations. 

Where to watch? Prime Video – Thunderdome Never Dies

If the Gabber culture piques your interest, dive deeper with additional resources like the documentary “De Eerste Gabber” or catch the latest blockbuster, “Hardcore Never Dies,” currently lighting up cinema screens and also available on Amazon Prime

10. Colyn – Unfiltered

“UNFILTERED” offers a unique look into the life of Colyn on tour. Every Tuesday at 7 PM CET, a new episode reveals both the fun and struggles faced by this artist.

Where to watch? YouTube – Colyn – Unfiltered


As winter winds howl outside, let these documentaries and podcasts transport you to the heart of the electronic music scene. From the roots of dance music to intimate artist interviews and explorations of global genres, this curated list has something for every house and techno enthusiast. So, snuggle up and let the beats keep you warm in these cold winter days.